Susan Norsworthy - Music Teacher - Truro
Cello - Violin - Theory
Contact: 01872 264803
(telephone contact preferred)
The Suzuki Method is a highly succesful approach to learning music - or anything!

Based on the way we all learn to talk, students need to listen daily to a recording of the music they are learning & will be learning. Because we all learn to talk, we can learn a musical instrument by hearing the 'language' and then copying what is shown. Well over a million in Japan and countless others around the world have learnt to play to the level of Mozart violin concertos and beyond. This approach can be applied at any age.
This brilliant way of learning has produced many of the top soloists like Sarah Chang and Nicola Benedetti and help to fill the major orchestras of the world. Just as importantly there are thousands of amateurs enjoying their skill in orchestras and ensembles with a real appreciation of music.

An important aid to learning is parental involvement. Parents attend lessons and make notes so they understand what their child is asked to do - in the case of younger children they help with the daily practice. This extra support can be a tremendous help to the learning process: practice is carried out properly so that very little 'repair' work is needed and the students are ready to take the next step.